Our Mission

Cipherem Platform seeks to provide more values for our community and let all users be able to have complete control over their digital assets, the freedom to create and the road to an open tradeable network build in the simplest form for all to use.

Our Story

Cipherem is founded base on the belief of promoting the core value of important decisions in the community that is not taken by the top of the pyramid (remember, there’s no pyramid-like hierarchy) but by everyone. 

We love that interaction between people that can be trusted and unswerving. We pledge to provide a stalwart network for creators, artist and crypto enthusiast to enjoy a secure, environmental-friendly policy.

Our team has a deep background in computer science, engineering, solidity and the blockchain. With real-world business experience as entrepreneurs, technologist and digital architects.


Established in 2021, Cipherem core mission is to empower and inspire people to be creative while enabling control and having the ease of making digital money much more convenient and fun.

About us