Scalable privacy-preserving network protocol for the next web

At Cipherem, privacy starts with you. Step into the future of Blockchain applications, where we prioritize privacy and offer seamless solutions for different verticals, leading the way to a secure and user-centric experience

Build In Hours

Cipherem users can seamlessly integrate via a unified API, unlocking multiple blockchain applications or storage solutions from a single entry point and enjoy consistent experience across different functionalities

Unique Functionality

Cipherem offers a unified social dashboard where you can monetise instantly or import digital assets from various network to engaging your community via livestream mitigating the need of ecosystem fragmentation


Embrace a new era of trust and security in the way data is verified and shared, granting you full control of your information while ensuring an open and decentralized ecosystem for all

Streamlined Node Transfer

Cipherem node information seamlessly bridges to other blockchain ecosystems, for instance Ethereum or Polygon, ensuring smooth integration and interoperability

Community Appeal

Cipherem provides a versatile user experience, catering to diverse verticals from an integrated wallet system to a seamless distributed cloud storage.

Real-Time Insights

Cipherem leverages off-chain artificial intelligence bots for added security, complementing our encryption technology to deliver real-time updates and ensure user experience at any point in time


Building blocks for the next generation internet

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