Dive Into the New Age of Creator Ecosystem

We Provide

A Supercharge social platform

A live social barter platform where you hold the ability to gain control. With no expertise in the blockchain, you have the power to focus on your creations and keep engagement with your fans.

Counter spam attacks

Creativity should be protected!

We want to ensure creators truly own their own ecomony and have control over their work, that's the mission behind Cipherem.

Social / Community Tokens

With Cipherem you will have the power to engage, monetize or swap with your own brand that you create. Cipherem enables you to tag all your creations with your own community / social token that is uniquely yours!

Low Carbon Platform

No hardware machines, mining involved. Cipherem seeks to transform the NFT space, with a sustainable trading system that is kind to the planet. 

We don't stop just yet.

Our roadmap are being planned. We seek to innovate and expand further into protecting digital assets down the road with more comprehensive solutions while achieving a negative carbon footprint blockchain. Watch our space!