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Innovative. Eco-friendly. Sustainable.

Blockchain Community Platform

A Platform that is build for the Community

Cipherem is a social network platform that offers creative access to a blockchain where users has freedom of their own virtual economy while having their assets being protected in a positive and advance environment.

A blockchain that works with Proof of Authority.

The algorithm selects a limited number of nodes that are responsible for validating transactions according to certain strict rules.

Versatility in Digital Assets

Zero trust protects digital assets according to the highest threat threshold at all times. Where creators can register all their works free of charge. Information entered by owners is stored on the Cipherem blockchain, which assures that it cannot be changed by a third party.

Value Communities

The primary value added by an open protocol like Cipherem's is its ability to allow all users all over the globe the opportunity to collaborate on a single layer

Eco Friendly

Cipherem uniqueness is due to a combination of decentralization with efficiency in a new protocol that uses renewable energy and requires less computational power.

Unprecedented Authenticity. Impeccable Ownership.

Digital Assets Cipherem Protect

Crypto commodities


Social Token

Virtual Trinkets

Creativity should be protected!

We want to ensure creators could make some money and have control over their work, thats the mission behind Cipherem. We allow the creator coins to be swap & add values to what you initiate.

Join us and be a part of Cipherem community where our world matters to us. 

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